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Interesting Quotes...

"You create your own reality - through your thoughts, expectations, desires, and beliefs." - Seth

"Evil is simply ignorance." - Seth

"The present is the point of power." - Seth

"If you did not do what you did today, the entire world would be in some way different." - Seth

"You fight pain because you have not learned to transcend it, or rather to use it." - Seth

"God is the simplicity of all things." - Ramtha

"Blessed is he who listens; blessed is he for he shall not have to endure another's misery to gain the benefit of it. He has gained it by listening." - Ramtha

"Love yourself by listening to what you feel. Listen to how you feel about everything. And if the whole world disagrees with how you feel, love the world for exhibiting its own judgment and its own truth. Allow THEM to be without removing YOU from your decision based on your emotional body and how it feels. That is TRUE love of Self." - Ramtha

"In a place that is called alone, where you are not bombarded by Social Consciousness, when you least expect it, there shall come forth what is termed a magnificent Light. That Light will surround you, and in surrounding you, it will lift you in a state called pure love - PURE Superlove. In that state, which will seemingly be for all eternity, you will realize, not in words but in emotion, the VALUE of yourself in relation to the Godsource." - Ramtha

"Your physical bodies can be symbols to you of restriction, of ultimate pain and death, of surprising and alarming needs and of unexpected triviality that knows no bounds of denigration. Or they can be seen as chosen vehicles that souls are inhabiting because, rather like space suits, they are necessary where you are." - Emmanuel

"It is within your humanity that you will learn to recognize your divinity." - Emmanuel

"To strive for Light is a beautiful calling, but you cannot find the Light until you acknowledge the darkness. Souls who strive in perfect yearning are as close to perfection as anyone in human form can be. Who you are is a necessary step to being who you will be, and so it goes through eternity." - Emmanuel

"The teacher must remain the student if the teacher is to grow." - Emmanuel

"As the desire to turn to the light increases the soul knows where the resistance still rests and takes the responsibility for the exploration of that resistance." - Emmanuel

"Look to understand your negative feelings as a loving mother would understand a confused and frightened child." - Emmanuel

"As you go into the fear with eyes open, heart open and courage flowing freely, you will see that fear is only an empty room. Fear is only as strong as your avoidance of it. The greater your reluctance to see the fear, to accept it and embrace it, the more power you allow it." - Emmanuel

"Fear is only looking in the mirror and making faces at oneself." - Emmanuel

"What is evil but forgetfulness?" - Emmanuel

"How do you experience painful circumstances without becoming embittered by them? By seeing them as lessons and not as retribution. Be comforted and walk your life in Light and trust, for nothing will come to you that is not meant to be. There is nothing that can happen in your life that in any way threatens your soul. Indeed, all of life experience enhances its awareness. There is nothing that does not serve the process of your soul's growth." - Emmanuel

"Realize that on this earth there can be only relative perfection. Realize too that you do not need to be perfect to be loved. Love each other in your imperfections, tenderly and completely. Be gentle with yourselves. The demand for perfection on the physical plane can be your worst enemy." - Emmanuel

"Be comfortable but not complacent with your imperfections. Who demands perfection? Only you souls who are locked in human form believe somehow that perfection is the requirement. It is not. The requirement is sincerity, an open heart. That is the perfection that is demanded - the perfect longing." - Emmanuel

"There is an overall plan of which you are not aware and to which you can only contribute by being who you are, doing your best, seeking your higher truth, and following your heart." - Emmanuel

"Your mind cannot possibly understand God. Your heart already knows." - Emmanuel

"One does not have to stand against the gale. One yields and becomes part of the wind." - Emmanuel

"As awareness expands, it cannot contract. It can be distorted, but it cannot contract." - Emmanuel

"The most minute transformation is like a pebble dropped into a still lake. The ripples spread out endlessly." - Emmanuel

"Negativity has within it the seeds of its own destruction." - Emmanuel

"What you are is perfect imperfection." - Emmanuel

"Specialness is something that separates you. Uniqueness is something that blends you together with your fellow human beings and yet it allows you to contribute what no one else can. Go through the underlaying of this human experience and you will fall in love with yourself." - Emmanuel

"Can you experience ecstasy on this plane without corresponding depression? Only when you can view depression and ecstasy as one." - Emmanuel

"Death is like taking off a tight shoe." - Emmanuel

"It is helpful to realize that every time you find yourself in serious judgment against someone else, it is because there is a hidden judgment about yourself that you do not wish to see." - Bartholomew

"If you have judgment, you do not have compassion, because they cannot exist together. If you have compassion you cannot judge, because you understand from the point of compassion that the person who is before you, in this moment, CAN ACT NO DIFFERENTLY. And you CANNOT, impose your rules on them because there is always some part of YOUR consciousness that other people can look at and judge to be wrong." - Bartholomew

"No one who is being himself is going to be approved of all the time." - Bartholomew

"The whole world could love you, but if you do not love yourself, you would not even notice. The opposite is also true - the whole world could disapprove of you, but if you love yourself, you would not even notice. Accept yourself within you and the entire world becomes totally acceptable." - Bartholomew

"The necessity to understand that you are the trigger that connects you with worlds that are not physical is the beginning of your freedom from pain and suffering and sorrow." - Bartholomew

"A candle loses none of its light by lighting another." - Unknown

"The eyes of Truth are always watching you." - Enigma

"Start learning to love God by loving those whom you cannot love."

- Meher Baba "Remember that laughter is the fastest way to open up your chakras." -Unknown

"Like a magnet, you draw what you love to you. Like a magnet, you draw what you hate, what you fear to you."

"Everything affects everything."

"There can be no universal panacea for happiness which is obvious to anyone who has studied, as I have, the root causes of happiness and its opposite. Happiness is a state which is created within us by a very large and very varied number of factors. One man is happy with nothing less than a luxurious mansion and estate and a fleet of fast cars; another man is happy in a monk's cell with the minimum requirements of life. It would seem, therefore, that it is not what we actually possess which provides us with happiness, but our reactions to what we possess. The secret of happiness, like the kingdom of heaven, must be within us, and the key to it is our attitude towards life and especially towards our personal life." - Bertrand Russell, from the "after-death" state

"When your ego feels the sting of jealousy, TICKLE IT! And laugh :)"

"The world is a mirror, wherever you go you meet only yourself."

"All great truths begin as blasphemies." - George Bernard Shaw

"Strive to do things for others not out of a sensed need of obligation, nor for anything you may externally get in return (such as thanks or admiration), but for the joy that it gives you to do it."

"Feel the ecstasy of feeling whatever you are currently feeling."

"Absolutely everything is an opportunity for growth, if viewed from the right perspective."

"Strive to be able to experience the feeling of a desire as a fulfillment in and of itself. Much potential frustration is avoided entirely."

"Solitude is a deepening of the present." - Thomas Merton

"All that essentially matters is what you think of yourself. It's always your choice of whether or not to allow what other people think of you to affect what you think about yourself."

"Some of us are more attractive than others, but all are equally beautiful."

"You transcend something (such as pain) by Loving it - rather than resisting it, and by viewing it from a much higher perspective..."

"Change your perspective, and the nature of Everything seemingly changes with it."

"When we allow our happiness and sense of joy to be dependent on other people, we are setting ourselves up for eventual disappointment and frustration, to the degree that we've allowed this to happen..."

"Joy is an inner note that you sound as you move through the day. You will have joy only when you focus on having it and settle for nothing less." - Orin

"Every situation in your life is a learning experience created by your soul to teach you how to gain more love and power. Everything that happens is meant to help move you into your Greater Self." - Orin

"Loving people is a commitment to holding a high vision of them, even as time and familiarity take their toll." - Orin

"Do not feel responsible for everyone's happiness. Only they can choose it, you cannot choose it for them." - Orin

"See everyone as expanding and growing, and you will see yourself that way also." - Orin

"You learn to love by putting yourself in situations that challenge you to be loving." - Orin

"The more you understand what you are learning from a situation, the more rapidly you can leave it." - Orin

"By evolving yourself to the highest level you can, you create a doorway for those one step behind you to come through." - Orin

"The more expansive your thoughts, the more expansive the reality you create." - Orin

"Love is the doorway to enlightenment." - Orin

"You strengthen people as you surround them with your loving thoughts." - Orin

"Each shift to a higher consciousness makes the next shift easier." - Orin

"One person CAN make an enormous difference." - Orin

"The path is easy for those who have no preferences." - Orin

"You don't need to change yourself; you only need to love yourself." - Orin

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