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   "I can't describe the experience of my own personal healing. A tremendous amount of work was accomplished in a very short time. Now that I have a clean slate, I'm ready to explore! Thank you all!" -KA

   "This entire experience has been wonderful, more than I even anticipated. I had a gut feeling that this was what I had been "storming the gates of heaven" for. I cannot put a price on what I have gained. The experiential tools are like a catalyst for all the truths I have resonated with along the way but have only understood intellectually and wasn't sure how to incorporate in my daily life. Avatar is a great blessing that has been added to my life. I can readily see that the tools, if practiced regularly, will become a natural and dynamic way of living and being. Thank you again and again for reuniting me with my family, the Avatars throughout the world." -JM, Arizona, USA

   "My Master never stopped believing in me, no matter how greatly I resisted. She accepted me and my choices. Then I met Another Me.
   Inside me, there is one brilliant light that is Another Me and there is nothing simpler or more crystal clear than that. Another Me is always smiling and full of confidence. Now that I am aware of it, I am happy and I can share my happiness with others. Those who are aware of their own Another Me are always smiling and confident. As for my belief, only I decide what to believe. I choose what I experience. I choose to be happy and choose for other people to be happy.
   Thank you to my Avatar Master. There was Another Me in your eyes. I realized the meaning of the decision because of your help." -HO, Japan

   "After Avatar my life has gradually changed positively. Assuming the responsibility of my creations, I have recovered my serenity, and my body is healthier. The strangest thing is that everything around me is as it was before, but I see and feel in a better way. There aren't things, people or events that hurt me, but only creations that are here for a moment and then flow away. The secret is in accepting them. Avatar is so simple. It doesn't indoctrinate. I have learned to use what I already owned--the life potential that is deep down inside me. Avatar has simply awakened me. It is as if I was living aother life, a life that I now appreciate and live with awareness. I thank God for what life offers me instead of crying for what life doesn't give me. When I talk with someone, I am on the same wave length. There is no competition, no fear, no inferiority/superiority sensation--only people from whom there is always something to learn." -HB, Italy

   "I have never been more at peace with myself or been more self confident about what I want to do with my life. At 50 I am finally becoming the person I have been trying to be after 25 years of practicing different types of meditation practices and yoga. Life really is a carnival and a joy when realization occurs, and you come to know yourself as source and creator of your life. This really is the most powerful self-improvement course in the world. A pain that I was having in my left hip, that I blamed on arthritis for years, was gone after my first day in Section III after just one body handle. Thank you Harry Palmer, for the gift of self empowerment and happiness that this course gives, and thank you to my Master, for your patience and hard work and understanding." -KC, Washington, USA

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